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Contractor Uses Precast Concrete Light Pole Bases at Community College


In the Video:

When Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, Michigan built a new gymnasium building, the campus needed new lighting around the building and elsewhere on campus. 

With guidance from the local Pole Base manufacturer, the Pole Bases on the project were manufactured with extra conduit to allow for future expansion on campus to include additional features like video cameras. This project showcases how working with a local Pole Base manufacturer allows project owners to customize precast elements to meet the site's current and future needs.

In this video, Mike Wood of Brutsche Concrete Products tells us about the value of Pole Base including the quality of the products and time saved on site. When working on or designing a site lighting project that includes varying base configurations, Pole Base products allow for complex specifications and for future project expansions, all while saving installation time.


Project Name: Kellogg Community College Manufacturer: Brutsche Concrete Products Owner: Kellogg Community College Contractor/Installer: Union Electric Location: Battle Creek, Michigan Built: 2018

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