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For contractors and specifiers that want to take back control of their job site and job schedule, Pole Base is a precast foundation built to spec that simplifies your work. Unlike cast-in-place options, Pole Base allows you to make your jobs more predictable and more profitable because the concrete bases are manufactured with your exact specifications and can be installed independent of weather or site constraints.

There's no more waiting on the process of pouring in place. Set your own schedule and keep your project moving forward with Pole Base!

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Precast Concrete Foundations Built to Spec

Pole Base precast concrete foundations for your outdoor site lighting, runway or taxiway edge lights, signs, or columns meet not only your expectations but also your specifications!

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Ready, Set, Go with Pole Base!

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Pole Base arrives at your job site ready for install. The height, width, diameter, bolt patterns, conduit alignment, and junction box placements are built to your spec, so there's no messing around with those technical details on the job site. The array of available textures means a polished look is ready, too!

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With no concrete truck following you around and no need for return trips after curing to finish the job, Pole Base allows you to set it and forget it! It's possible to streamline your use of equipment to dig the holes, set the bases, and stand the lights, making installation super efficient.

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Pole Base removes the hurdle of concrete work on site, allowing you to go on to the work that you specialize in. Compared to poured-in-place options where you're waiting for concrete to cure or the weather to clear, Pole Base helps keep your job on schedule and on budget!

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"It was a very complicated project, and we found that Pole Base was by far the most efficient, most cost-effective, and least labor-intensive option for installation."

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Doug Haviland

President of JC Electric