Ready, Set, Go… with Pole Base Light Pole Bases

Complete customization, climate-controlled production, and installation in hours not days, makes Pole Base precast concrete light pole bases the preferred choice of time- and cost-conscious electrical and construction contractors.

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Your Pole Base foundations arrive crafted exactly to your specifications and when you’re ready for them. Your local Pole Base producer uses high-quality American-made solid steel forms to produce your bases, so you’ll notice a smoother, cleaner appearance than you do with cast-in-place bases.



Auger the hole. Place Pole Base. Wire and backfill. Mount the pole. Your installation is done. That’s an hour or two of work with ZERO waiting for the ready-mix truck to arrive, the weather to cooperate, or the concrete to cure. Using cast-in-place is like filling and freezing an ice cube tray one cell at a time – it’s inefficient and a big waste of time.



The project owner will love the time and cost savings you’ll deliver with Pole Base and you’ll appreciate providing a superior result and getting to your next job sooner than you planned. Play around with our Pole Base vs. Cast-In-Place Calculator and you’ll see what a difference going with Pole Base can make for your bottom line.

The Preferred Light Pole Foundation

Brandon Tully, president of Lytle Electric, discusses the benefits of choosing Pole Base and why Lytle hasn’t looked back since making the switch.

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Simple. Only 3 steps to install Pole Base vs. 7 or more for cast-in-place

Secure. Pole Base can host a light pole immediately while cast-in-place requires up to 7 days to cure

Speedy. Save 50-60 hours of install time on a 10-base project by choosing Pole Base over cast-in-place


Calculate Potential Savings With Pole Base

Fill in your preliminary project information, including materials, labor, and time, and see if choosing Pole Base over cast-in-place makes sense for you.

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More Than Just a Light Pole Foundation

Pole Base is the leading precast concrete light pole foundation, but its versatility makes Pole Base a great choice for additional projects like airport runway and taxiway lights, commercial roadside sign foundations, and columns and pillars.

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Get specifications with the Technical Guide

The Pole Base Technical Guide is a compilation of the most important technical information you’ll need to determine the feasibility of your job. It’s a particularly helpful tool for project estimators seeking to build accurate and comprehensive project proposals.

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american made

Pole Base forms are produced in the USA with only the highest grade American steel.

Local manufacturers use architectural-grade wet cast concrete to ensure your Pole Base light foundations look great and last a lifetime.