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Careers & Job Opportunities in Northern Michigan

Working for Pole Base is about more than just a career or a job, it's about the opportunity to be part of a family that strives to lead the way, never give up, and make time to care. If that's a team you'd like to join, then you should apply now!

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Current Openings 

We don't have any current openings, but we are always on the lookout for talented, motivated individuals to join our team. Send us your resume, and we'll keep you in mind when the next opportunity opens up.

Our Values

Our focus at Pole Base is to unleash possibility within concrete manufacturing. We do that by allowing our values to guide our work every day.

Alexander Graham Bell, an example of an individual who led the way.

Lead the Way

We take initiative to establish the future of our company and industries, for the good of our customers and stakeholders. We "make it better" by leading and being led, and by pursuing sound new ideas.

John Wayne, an example of someone with tenacity that never gave up.

Don't Give Up

When work becomes difficult we trust it's because it's work worth doing. We approach each endeavor with tenacity-no matter the challenge, we don't give up.

President Jake Manthei's daughter, a constant reminder to make time to care.

Make Time to Care

Life and work are a gift. Therefore, we don't define people by what they can achieve or produce. We reject the idea that being constantly busy is the best way to live. Instead, we generously attend to the needs of our families, coworkers, and customers.

Pole Base Team

Meet the Pole Base Team

When you come to work at Pole Base, you'll quickly learn that our team is full of hard-working, humorous, compassionate people. Not only do they focus on getting the job done, but they focus on enjoying the experience.

Outside the office we volunteer for beach clean-ups, participate in the Dirty Dog Dash, and get together at the Manthei family barn for some pretty great parties! Why wouldn't you want to be a part of that work environment?

More About Northern Michigan

Pole Base is headquartered in the small town of Charlevoix, Michigan. Surrounded by lakes, filled with friendly people, and packed with great restaurants and fantastic microbreweries, people dream about retiring in Northern Michigan. Why wait until you retire for that lifestyle?

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or people looking to raise a family, Northern Michigan has a lot to offer. If a bigger city feel is what you're after, Pole Base also has an office located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


"Pole Base is a company with a close-knit, small company feel, yet the work we do has a global impact.  I enjoy working here because I get to be part of a team of smart, genuinely nice people who make it fun to come to work every day.

Plus, my job involves a diverse range of tasks that challenge me and allow me to learn new things on a regular basis." 

Cayce Armstrong

Technical Marketing Specialist

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