Speed Installation With Light Pole Bases That Meet OSHA Standards


Bryan Martin of Turner Concrete Products explains why contractors are using precast light pole bases on-site to meet OSHA requirements.

Contractors know that time is money and efficient installations equal success. As OSHA regulations become tighter. contractors are realizing the many benefits of Pole Base precast light pole bases. When Wings Excavation found their work slowing due to the requirements of OSHA's latest silica standards, they began utilizing Pole Base not only to speed installation, but to take advantage of its customizable construction for varying applications. The company has now changed it's entire business model to precast products.

Whether your business is struggling with OSHA regulations or simply feeling the burden of weather and general time restrictions of using cast-in-place products, consider the Pole Base advantage. Our precast products are not only superior in quality, but also completely customizable. Pole Base light pole bases can be cast in multiple diameters and accommodate varying conduit templates and bolt configurations. Junction boxes can be added to create products for custom applications and Pole Base's texture options provide an aesthetic advantage in commercial applications.

Ready to give Pole Base a try on your next project?

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