A Finished Look Right from the Start

Skip the cardboard tubes and concrete work to focus on your specialty. Pole Base manufacturers have polished the look of six different textures, meaning your precast light pole bases or foundations arrive onsite ready to go. They're finished with the look you want right from the start!

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Custom Texture Concrete Light Pole Bases & Foundations

Check out these six custom textures for concrete light pole bases and foundations. Round or square, smooth or varied, ready for a custom veneer or even a custom logo, Pole Base has you covered when it comes to the look of your site lighting or specialty foundations!

Round Smooth

If you're just looking for a classic--this is the base for you. Without unsightly rings left on the base from stripping the cardboard tube or possible bug holes from pouring on site, the Round Smooth base is simple by look, yet sophisticated by design.

Round Rusticated

The Round Rusticated base features a bevel, giving a decorative touch to a familiar look. Include this architectural accent to your base to set your site apart from the people next door.


The Ledgestone base incorporates a deep, natural stone texture, and you don't have to worry about any masonry work. The consistent texture paired with the reliability of the Pole Base system is bound to leave a lasting impression.


Looking for an edgier look? The Square base could do the trick! For above grade applications, the square shape can really stand out, and for at grade installations, it can really simplify the rest of your work without all those curves!

Square Inlay

The Square Inlay base is perfect all on its own, but it's also the perfect canvas for customization. Want your logo, name, or address cast directly into the base? Reach out to order up your custom solution!


The Brickledge base has all of the functionality of the Pole Base line, but it allows you to apply stone veneer, brick, or even natural stone to coordinate with the facade of a nearby building. For custom masonry, it reduces the onsite labor demands.

Don't see your perfect texture? We customize!

Your local manufacturer would be happy to help plan the perfect look for your next project! Reach out through the "Get A Quote" form to start the discussion about your custom design!

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"The look of Pole Base precast bases is better than standard poured-in-place bases. It looks much nicer with fewer holes and imperfections."

Phil Jaquish Rhoades Engineering