How Much Does Pole Base Cost?

Pole Base precast light foundations are a top-quality, time-saving solution for site lighting projects of all sizes and scopes. Learn about the factors that help determine the cost of making Pole Base part of your next project.

pole base ledgestone texture

How Pole Base Pricing is Determined

It’s important to note that Pole Base precast light foundations are crafted and sold by licensed manufacturers across the United States. These producers establish their pricing based on local production costs and market conditions, which often exceed their control. For example, aggregate – a necessary component of the concrete used to produce precast products like Pole Base – may cost notably more in one area of the country, which can impact retail pricing.

Pole Base pricing is also influenced by a handful of other factors, which we’ll discuss a bit more.


The size of your Pole Base light pole foundations contributes to their price. Pole Base is typically produced in 24-in (609 mm) widths in lengths of 4, 6, 8, and 10 ft (1.2, 1.8, 2.4, and 3.0 m), but custom sizes may be available. Custom sizes can require more concrete to produce and the additional raw material costs will be reflected in the final price.


One of the most impactful features of Pole Base is its ability to be built exactly to your specifications in a completely controlled production environment. You’ll receive a customized foundation featuring bolt patterns, conduit, and texture (when available) produced precisely to your project’s demands. More customization demands more labor which can impact the price of your Pole Base foundations.

Site Location

With a network of producers across the U.S., chances are good you’ve got a local manufacturer who can deliver your custom Pole Base light foundations directly to your site, ready to install. Just like ready-mix deliveries for cast-in-place bases, Pole Base freight costs are determined by proximity. The further the site is from the batch plant or Pole Base producer, the higher the delivery charges for both products.

How Does Pole Base Pricing Compare to Cast-In-Place?

You can enjoy the quality, customization, convenience, and cosmetics of Pole Base without paying more than cast-in-place alternatives when you factor in time and labor. Check out our handy calculator to see how Pole Base can save you serious time and hassle.

Compare to Cast-In-Place