Step-by-Step Light Pole Base Installation at Distribution Center


Follow Wings Excavation through the step by step process of installing Pole Base precast light pole bases on a major distribution center project. Wings chose precast concrete products for their ease and speed of installation and the flexibility they provide to work in rain, high water levels, and even snow if necessary.

The precast concrete foundations were pre-fabricated and built to specification for the site-specific conditions. The bolt configuration was made to match the bolt circle of the light poles and the conduit segments were set every 90 degrees to line up with trenches on-site.

Step-By-Step Pole Base Installation Process:

  1. Auger -or- excavate a hole
  2. Put 6" pad of crushed stone in the hole
  3. Use the lifting device to install precast light pole base
  4. Backfill precast light pole base with crushed stone
  5. Run wire and conduit into precast light pole base
  6. Finish backfilling with crushed stone
  7. Mount light pole

Pole Base is a precast light pole base system that can be purchased in major markets throughout North America through our network of precast concrete manufacturers!

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