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Precast Sign Foundation Installed at 4Front Credit Union Despite Winter Weather

In the winter of 2015, 4Front Credit Union needed new signs installed to finish rebranding itself before the spring. The colder-than-normal temperatures meant it would be harder for crews to install the bases, and would hinder cast-in-place methods and curing times.

In the summer of 2015, Petoskey Public Schools broke ground on a brand new athletic stadium. With the current stadium miles away from campus and unable to accommodate the masses of "Fighting Northmen" fans, a new facility was desperately needed.
But the new stadium site was very large, requiring 40 new lights for multiple parking lots, sidewalks, and a roadway. Completing the installation on a tight deadline became the project's main challenge.


In the winter of 2015, 4Front Credit Union, the result of a merger between Members Credit Union and Bay Winds Federal Credit Union, was looking to finish rebranding itself with new signage before Spring.

"The unique thing about the [project] was that the signs needed to be installed in the dead of a colder-than-normal Northern Michigan winter, at a time when it would be nearly impossible to get concrete delivered to the project site in small quantities, let alone be able to cast and cure the concrete properly, and expect it perform well long term," explained Bryan Lindfors, a board member at 4Front.

In addition to the risk of weaker concrete, it would have been difficult for the crew on site to put together the materials and form the concrete when temperatures were near -20 degrees Fahrenheit.


Pole Base, a precast concrete foundational product, was the perfect solution for these issues. With precast foundations, the bases are poured in a controlled setting with the proper dimensions and bolt configurations, then cured indoors to reach optimum wind-load strength.

"Precast foundations were a great solution for this project; they were easy to work with and installed quickly, even in the colder weather," said Andrew Kohlmann, from sign design company Image360, who worked with cast-in-place foundations in the past.

The project's precast foundations allowed the on-site team to work more efficiently. By being delivered individually palletized and install-ready, the process became as simple as a drag and drop. They even set the foundation and mounted the sign on the same day as there was no need to wait for the concrete to cure.


By the Spring of 2015, all foundations and signs had been installed and 4Front was open for business in Northern Michigan.

"Unfortunately, nobody gets to see the Pole Base sign foundations, just the snazzy sign, but the precast concrete made the whole installation much easier," said Lindfors.

What solutions can Pole Base provide for your next project?


Project Name: 4Front Credit Union Manufacturer: MDC Contracting Installer: Image360 Project Location: Charlevoix, MI Year Built: 2015 Case: 016 - 4Front Credit Union Sign



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