How To Customize Precast Concrete Light Pole Bases


If you work in site lighting, you know installing light pole bases can be a huge hassle.

You have to prep the conduit and rebar, then pour the concrete into a tube, then place the proper bolt configuration. Getting all this right can seriously slow you down on-site.

Pole Base precast for parking lots

That's why contractors are making the switch to precast site lighting foundations. These bases have all the conduit, rebar, and bolt configurations in-place when they arrive on site, so installation is as easy as drag and drop.

But contractors often ask us - "What if my plans call for specific Pole Base dimensions, bolt configuration, or rebar cage specification?"

Pole Base precast for parking lots

With Pole Base, you can customize your base to fit your project's exact specifications! You have tons of options when you order your bases.

Your Pole Base unit height can be anywhere from 3 feet to 13 feet (.9 meters to 3.9 meters) tall, while the diameter can can be modified to be 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches, and even 36 inches which is pictured below (.3 meters, .5 meters, .6 meters, .8 meters, and even .9 meters). Check with your local manufacturer to see what sizes are available in your market.

Pole Base precast for parking lots

Conduit segments for wiring your pole are available from ¾ inches to 4 inches in diameter and can be placed at any orientation and depth to match the conduit lines being run in your trenches for wiring.

Rebar cages can be made to match the base detail that the project engineers specify.

The bolt configuration is made to spec to match up with your pole and get the perfect fit every time. Since the pole bases are already cured when they arrive to the job site, the poles can be mounted the same day that the base is installed.

Pole Base precast for parking lots

So, the next time you're bidding a site-lighting project, give your local Pole Base manufacturer a call, and let them do the hard work of creating a custom base for you.

Let's work together and change the world in concrete ways. Get a quote on your next project here.

Or - are you interested in providing Pole Base precast options in your area? Learn what it takes to become a Pole Base manufacturer here!

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