Electrical Contractor Uses 43 Precast Light Pole Bases On Apartment Complex Project In Michigan


The Creston Plaza Apartments in Grand Rapids, Michigan tackle one of the biggest problems facing many cities right now: affordable housing. Booming population growth in the area is raising rent and property prices throughout the region, and developers are trying to provide more housing as a result.

Two of the major concerns when designing a site like this are to provide a safe environment for residents AND optimize the amount of usable space to create as many livable units as possible.


One great way to provide a safe environment is to have site lights throughout the streets and parking areas of the development. There are 43 light poles on-site and every one of them requires a 5' 6" x 24" concrete foundation to ensure stability for the poles in the long term. Pole Base is a precast light pole base product, manufactured by Brutsche Concrete Products, and it was used on this project by Strain Electric because it was the fastest and most competitive way to install the foundations.


Additionally, this project had a substantial amount of topography on-site, and in order to level the site and create as much usable space as possible, the designers chose to add a retaining wall to the northern portion of the project. Redi-Rock is a precast concrete retaining wall system, and it was chosen for this site because it has vast engineering resources backing the product, it's quick and easy to install, and it looks fantastic! The blocks for this job were provided by Consumers Concrete Corp. in Southern Michigan.

So, the next time you are designing or working on a project like this, remember that there are precast concrete tools like Pole Base & Redi-Rock that can speed your teams up on site and provide a look and feel that will set your project apart from all the rest!

Are you ready to give Pole Base a try on your next project?

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