Precast Site Lighting Foundations for Car Dealership Parking Lots: Fox Motors Project Spotlight


The Fox Motors car dealership is located in the small lake town of Charlevoix, Michigan. Fox Motors puts a LOT of effort into providing a top quality experience for their customers from the moment they step foot on the property, and for them this meant building a new facility with an expansive parking lot.

For this site, Wilmot Electric chose Pole Base because it not only looked better than any foundation system on the market, it also was the best solution for a quick and easy installation! Wilmot Electric worked on the site lighting portion of this project, and did an outstanding job installing the bases. They left a mark on this local community with quality work and products, and it shows!

If you are working on or designing site lighting for a car dealership, be sure to contact your local manufacturer to get started on your next Pole Base project.

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