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Flag Pole Base Coordinates with Retaining Walls

The city of Charlevoix, Michigan, needed a flag pole base for a newly renovated softball field, and they wanted a solution that wasn't simply structurally sound but also matched the aesthetics of the stonework throughout the park.



When the city of Charlevoix, Michigan, needed a flag pole base for a newly renovated softball field, they wanted a solution that was structurally sound and matched the aesthetics of the stonework throughout the park. 


At the time of installation, many parts of the multi-phase project were in the planning stage. Charlevoix wanted the planned retaining walls to match the flagpole base, as well as the future light pole bases for the parking lot. The Pole Base Ledgestone texture was the perfect solution to the aesthetic needs of the site.

Pole Base is an architectural precast concrete foundation for flagpole bases as well as outdoor site lighting. With multiple face textures, color options, and customizable finishes, Pole Base offers an aesthetic and diverse set of options for construction projects. Pole Base also has the ability to achieve deep and complex stone textures and match colors of existing stone in the area.


MDC Contracting in Charlevoix, Michigan, produced and installed the base for the Shanahan Field project. City officials were very pleased with the appearance of the base and the speedy installation.

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Project: Shanahan Field Project Customer: City of Charlevoix Engineer: Gosling Czubak Engineering Sciences, Inc. Manufacturer: MDC Contracting Installer: MDC Contracting Location: Charlevoix, Michigan Year Built: 2012 Case: 006 - Shanahan Field Flag Pole Base



Custom Ledgestone Flag Pole Base

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