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Make Your City Shine

When you're sprucing up the town, budgets and timetables don't need to mean drab and dull. Make your city shine with a little extra attention to the detail of your light pole bases. Available in a variety of textures and colors, Pole Base helps you achieve detailed perfection for streetscapes and municipal projects.

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Light Pole Bases Made Better for Streetscapes

Pole Base light pole bases are made in a controlled environment, so not only do they look better than poured-in-place bases, they also streamline installation. Without a concrete truck bottling up traffic on location, your crew can stage and install the bases and lights for a streetscape or park path in no time!

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Smaller Installation Footprint

Don't want to have to shut down a street while you update its lighting? Without a concrete truck to worry about or days of concrete curing time with poured-in-place options, Pole Base precast light pole bases allow pedestrian and vehicle traffic to keep flowing during installation.


Set Your City Apart

From a downtown district to a marina development or park path, the polished look of Pole Base can set your city apart. If you're looking to use a classy light standard, set your standards for the bases that hold them up a little higher with Pole Base!


Finished from the Start

With Pole Base precast light pole bases, they arrive at your job site with a finished look. Available in six different textures, you can get the look you want from the start.

Pole Base Textures

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Success Stories with Pole Base in Municipal Projects


Riverwalk Schedule Kept on Track with 47 Square Pole Bases

The cast-in-place method wasn't a good option for the light pole bases along Bay City's Riverwalk project on the Saginaw River if Helm Electric wanted to stay on schedule. So, they opted for 47 square bases from Pole Base to ease installation and meet their deadline.

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High Water Tables Didn't Deter Veteran's Memorial Revamp

Once declared Michigan's Most Beautiful Mile, the goal of the revamp for the Muskegon Veteran's Memorial Park was to restore it to that splendor. Pole Base precast bases helped light the way for that initiative with 84 antique-style light poles installed despite high water tables.

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I-75 Access Kept Open During Pole Base Installation

To keep the I-75 Business Loop from the freeway exit to downtown open during a streetscape project, the city of West Branch needed to maximize efficiency and minimize space requirements. Rauhorn Electric was able to do just that while installing 97 Pole Bases at grade.

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"The look of Pole Base precast bases is better than standard poured-in-place bases. It looks much nicer with fewer holes and imperfections."

Phil Jaquish

Rhoades Engineering

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