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Parking Lot Lighting Bases Set City Apart Aesthetically

By specifying Ledgestone textured Pole Bases with a charcoal grey color option, Coldwater was able to meet their goal and achieve a differentiated, unique look that would set the city apart.



When it came time to rejuvenate the first of several public parking lots throughout the city of Coldwater, Michigan, a challenge arose. The city wanted a unique yet uniform look across multiple locations to set itself apart.

Designers knew it would be difficult to achieve this goal with traditional cast-in-place light pole bases, which often have unsightly rings and excessive bugholes due to the cardboard forming system.


To address this problem, the city's engineering team turned to Pole Base to help with their parking lot lighting bases. Former municipal engineer Brian Vanzee explained, "One of the goals of this project was to have a differentiated look to set Coldwater apart. We were able to achieve that with the Ledgestone texture with a charcoal grey color option that tied the site together that is completely unique to Coldwater."

Pole Base is an architecturally designed precast concrete foundation system for multiple applications including outdoor site lighting. With industry leading engineering resources and many textures and color options available, Pole Base was the perfect choice for Vanzee and his team.

"After analyzing the cost of a traditional cast in place method, we found that Pole Base was a better-looking product and was also a cheaper option when considering material and labor cost," Vanzee said.

Each precast Pole Base is manufactured, pre-cured, and install-ready by the time it is delivered on site. This was especially important to Mark Diamond of Parrish Excavating and his team who were on site ready to install the bases.

"After digging the holes, we were able to set and backfill each base in about 10-15 minutes," explained Diamond. "It was a much easier and a less time consuming process than cast in place; it was more efficient and worked better with my busy schedule to just have the bases delivered on site."

Using precast bases also allowed Diamond to set the light poles on the same day the bases were installed, saving significant time. Many standard options require returning to the site to install poles after the bases have cured.


By specifying bases in the charcoal grey Ledgestone texture, Coldwater met their goal of achieving a truly unique look that set the city apart while also allowing for an easier install that saved valuable man-hours.

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Project Name: Upson Plaza Engineer: Civil Engineers, Inc. Manufacturer: MDC Contracting Installer: Parrish Excavating Project Location: Coldwater, MI Year Built: 2014 Case: 010 - Upson Plaza in Coldwater Michigan



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