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Precast Concrete Bases for Corporate HQ Lighting Save Time & Money

Precast concrete bases with custom conduit and junction boxes helped a corporate headquarters save time and money on constructing their new parking lot during weeks of rainy weather.



In 2013, Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer was building a new corporate headquarters building in St. Johns, Michigan. The expansive new complex included a beautiful new building and paved parking lots surrounding the perimeter of the building.

The new parking lot required 21 separate site lights, with seven needing surveillance cameras. Due to the amount of wiring within these seven site light units, the concrete lighting foundations needed junction boxes.

When it was time to install the site lighting in early summer, weeks of rain soaked the project site. Originally, installers planned on using a cardboard tube forming system for the site lighting. But pouring concrete into the cardboard tubing while it was raining could have resulted in an improper ratio of water in the cement mix, resulting in a lower psi concrete mix that could damage the structural integrity of the concrete.

Because every base had a different conduit template, fitting a junction box, anchor bolts, and a rebar cage made the installation of the seven foundations expensive and labor intensive.


Three weeks prior to the next re-scheduled site lighting installation, Pole Base entered the equation. With the ability to ship the precast concrete bases to the site with the proper conduit layout, junction boxes, rebar cage, and anchor bolt configuration, electrical contractors could install the bases regardless of weather or soil conditions.

"It was a very complicated project, and we found that Pole Base was by far the most efficient, most cost-effective, and least labor intensive option for installation," said Doug Haviland, President of JC Electric.

With Pole Base, the contractors could run the wires and conduit and forget about the complications involved with a poured-in-place concrete foundation. In addition, Pole Base precast foundations are manufactured in a controlled setting, ensuring quality concrete and durability.


The Pole Base solution saved the project time, stress, and a great deal of money. The contractor already purchased the tubing, rebar, and conduit required for the project as it was originally designed, but still saved money by keeping the extra materials for future projects.

The Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer Project features 21 Round Rusticated Pole Base units, accented by the round face, a bevel, and chamfer to add artistic character. Pole Base adds a distinct and unique finish to a site with an already outstanding, architecturally designed facility.

What solutions can Pole Base provide for your next project?


Project Name: Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer Project Customer: JC Electric Engineer: Hobbs & Black Associates Inc. Manufacturer: MDC Contracting Installer: JC Electric Project Location: St. Johns, Michigan Year Built: 2013 Case: 004 - Agro-Culture Headquarters



Round Rusticated Light Pole Base

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