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Problem Solving 101

The problems that continually crop up with poured-in-place outdoor lighting foundations can be a teaching moment. Why not go back to the basics of problem solving 101? With Pole Base, you can get a precast concrete light pole base that looks better and installs faster. It'll help you ace the pop-quiz-like problems that you didn't anticipate, too!

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Precast Concrete Light Pole Bases for Outdoor Site Lighting

Precast concrete light pole bases simplify the installation equation for outdoor site lighting, especially at schools and universities. Skip the messy concrete trucks in tight quarters with students milling around, and opt for bases delivered ready to go! Also, if you want to pair your site lighting with campus security cameras, Pole Bases can include a junction box to ease wiring woes.

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Campus Master Plan Compatible

Oftentimes at schools and universities, improvements are split up into multiple phases of a master plan. With Pole Base, which is made in a controlled environment, you can get a consistently good looking precast light pole base...even if installs are years apart!


Difficult Site Scenarios Made Easy

Changes in elevation, close quarters between buildings, and lots of students milling around are all challenges that can be overcome with Pole Base precast concrete light pole foundations. A small installation crew can get site lighting up with minimal interruption to the everyday!


Finished from the Start

With Pole Base precast foundations for outdoor lighting, they arrive at your job site with a finished look. Available in six different textures, you can get the look you want from the start.

Pole Base Textures

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Success Stories with Pole Base at Schools & Sports Complexes


Pole Base Suited for Amphitheater Installs

The folks at King Louis Sports Complex installed Ledgestone Pole Bases to match the texture of the Redi-Rock retaining walls used for their amphitheater. In addition to the coordinating aesthetics, Pole Base was perfect for the site with multiple grade changes where pouring concrete wasn't feasible.

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Lighting Up Petoskey High School's Campus

With 40 lighting foundations of various sizes required across the parking lots, sidewalks, and roadway for the Petoskey High School Stadium project, Atlas Electric opted to use precast light pole bases. Pole Base allowed them to be more efficient with their time.

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"We were able to save a lot of time and effort by using precast bases on this project. The installation went quickly, and we even had the option to install the light poles the same day as the bases."

John Richards

Atlas Electric

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