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Precast Light Pole Bases a Good Match for Two Living Developments

Precast light pole bases allow contractors to install new site lighting quickly while minimizing the disruptions to the development's residents.



In late 2015, distributor Standard Electric was charged with adding 117 new site lights across two living center projects in Southeast Michigan, Parkway Meadows and Walled Lake Villa Apartments. With residents' vehicles constantly driving through the project areas, quickly installing the foundations with cast-in-place systems while keeping the streets open would be difficult.

Traditional cast-in-place systems require a large amount of space due to the cement trucks needed on site to pour each base. Additionally, multiple site visits are required to allow the concrete to cure and strip the cardboard forming system. At that point, the concrete still is not at full comprehensive strength to mount the pole, meaning a third visit.


The solution for this problem began to take shape when Ian Fuentes of Standard Electric reached into his network for input on the light pole bases for the project.

"We chose Pole Base on this project because of the positive word of mouth we received regarding their products," Fuentes said. "We've heard contractors say that they are very impressed by the product and its ease of use."

After discussing how a precast product could help with their scenario on site, project leaders chose Pole Base to supply the bases for this project.

Pole Base, an architecturally designed precast concrete foundation system, quickly began manufacturing the 5-foot by 24-inch diameter Round Smooth textured bases needed. With the ability to install in limited spaces and custom made to meet the needs of the project, Pole Base was the ideal solution for this tough site lighting project.

The Pole Bases were well received by the United Electric installation team when they arrived to each site. "I was a fan of using precast light pole bases on these projects. They were priced competitively and installed quickly, which saved my team a lot of extra work considering how many bases were installed," said Matt Bowlin of United Electric.

That time savings was critical considering how unpredictable Michigan's late-fall season can be. With snow always a high possibility, Bowlin knew the value of the decreased installation time.

"The biggest benefit we saw while using Pole Base on these projects was the time it took to install these bases. They installed much quicker than cast-in-place and allowed us to install all the bases before winter hit, which was a big plus for us."


"We haven't heard any complaints concerning the two projects from United Electric which is always a good sign," Fuentes explained. "I'm sure it was a much easier process than trying to deal with cheap cardboard forms on site."

"Overall we were very impressed with Pole Base, the product looked great and we will use them again in the future," said Bowlin.


Project Name: Parkway Meadows and Walled Lake Villas Apartment Renovations Customer: Standard Electric Company Manufacturer: MDC Contracting and Brutsche Concrete Products
Installer: United Electric Project Location: Ann Arbor and Walled Lake, MI Year Built: 2015 Case: 011 - Parkway Meadows and Walled Lake Villas



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