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Precast Ledgestone Columns Tie Residential Wall Together

After the installation of a new retaining wall, the owner of a Northern Michigan residence was in need of columns that could install quickly while also coordinating with the texture and color of the wall.



After a Ledgestone textured retaining wall was installed along the perimeter of the backyard of a residence in Roscommon, Michigan, it was time to install columns along the top of the wall.

The owner wanted something that could match the look of the wall, install quickly, and allow for a fencing application that wouldn't take away from the view of the woods and river below the property.


Pole Base, an architecturally designed precast concrete column system, was the perfect solution. Its Ledgestone columns matched perfectly with the texture and color of the existing wall. Installing the precast Pole Base columns was much faster than traditional methods because they are delivered to the site pre-cured and install-ready.

"We set all 19 columns in one day. If we had installed the columns on site with a cast in place method, it would have taken at least two weeks. Even then the finished product wouldn't have been anywhere near as stable," said Matt Miller from Green Contracting.

The 19 columns were all manufactured with two pieces of conduit to be used for the fencing application. To maximize the view of the surrounding woods, wire fencing was chosen to be installed in each column.

To minimize potential damage to the columns from lawn mowers, each column also included extended concrete footing above grade to act as a mow ring.


After a successful installation, the owners had positive things to say about the finished project, but Miller was not surprised.

"On projects where we've used these products, the owners have always been amazed by the look and feel of the finished product. They always like how stable they are; frost and erosion factors haven't done anything to move these things," explained Miller.

Miller was so impressed by the product that he decided to install two columns at his own house.

"I was a fan of the Ledgestone columns, my wife loved the look of them, and we actually have two at our house next to our horseshoe pit," he said.


Project Name: Samson Project Manufacturer: MDC Contracting Installer: Green Contracting Project Location: Roscommon, MI Year Built: 2015 Case: 013 - Samson Residential Columns



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