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Precast Square Light Pole Bases Provide Easy-to-Use Solution For Riverwalk Project

When the Bay City Riverwalk project required the installation of 47 new decorative light poles, the contractor on site needed a more efficient solution to the traditional cast-in-place method for their foundations.



Prior to the summer of 2014, Bay City decided that it was time to update their riverwalk along the Saginaw River to welcome the new season. The proposed project included the construction of a new floating dock system, over 34,000 feet of sidewalk, a Redi-Rock retaining wall, and 47 new site lights.

Rich Helm, President of Helm Electric, and his team were tasked with the installation of the 47 new decorative light poles. The new light poles required square bases to be installed at grade lining the new sidewalk and were within the scope of work of another contractor.

However, soon after breaking ground the contractor responsible for pouring the light pole foundations struggled to keep up with the project timeline. It was at that point that Helm Electric decided to step up and take on the bases themselves in order to meet the project deadline.


Helm and his team soon realized that trying to form and pour the required square bases on site was very difficult. They needed an easy-to-work-with solution that would save both time and effort on site.

To meet the project deadline, Helm selected Pole Base, an architecturally designed precast concrete foundation system. Pole Base produced the square bases with the exact rebar and conduit configuration required by the project, and delivered the 47 new 45-inch by 24-inch (1.1-meter by 0.6-meter) bases to the site pre-cured and ready for installation.

"The precast bases installed quickly and efficiently. It was much easier than trying to form the bases on site in an uncontrolled setting, which saved my team some extra time," explained Helm.

Choosing Pole Base gave Helm an easier alternative to the traditional cast-in-place method. 

"The biggest benefit of using precast bases on this project was definitely the time savings, we didn't have to worry about gathering the right materials, spend time putting the form together or wait on a concrete truck. Working with precast was much easier on my schedule," said Helm.


After installing both Pole Base bases and the light poles, Helm and his team were able to keep the project on track and meet their deadline.

After the completing the project, Helm began work on several other site lighting projects in the area utilizing Pole Base's precast system, including a local streetscape and an expansion project in Bay City.


Project Name: Bay City Riverwalk Manufacturer: Brutsche Concrete Products Installer: Helm Electric Project Location: Bay City, MI Year Built: 2014 Case: 014 - Bay City Riverwalk



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