New Tools for Designing Precast Site Lighting Projects


So, you're designing the site plan for your next project. You want this project to stand out as soon as anyone arrives on site.

A great way to do this is to add a better look and feel to your parking lot and surrounding landscape. With precast products like Pole Base, you can!

Pole Base precast light pole bases have unique shape and texture options that are a big change from the traditional concrete piers you've seen on site that are cast-in-place. Pole Base is even different than other precast products!

Pole Base Round Rusticated

The Round Rusticated Pole Base allows you to add a beveled accent to an otherwise standard look and feel that will be a great finish on most any job site.

Parking lot streetscape Ledgestone light pole base

Ledgestone Pole Base units arrive on site as one solid unit, featuring a 40" stone column texture that will give your project a more natural look. Different color options allow you to coordinate the aesthetics of your site lighting with other elements on site, like stone building facades. Check with your local manufacturer to see what colors are available in your market.

Brick Ledge for Adding Masonry to Light Pole Bases

The Brickledge Pole Base is a great option when you want your bases to match other elements on your site exactly. The Brickledge base has a platform that allows you to apply stone veneer, brick, or even natural stone to coordinate with the facade of nearby buildings.

Bridge Ledge Pole Base Detail

Technical Resources To Make Your Job Easier

The great thing about Pole Base is you have options to differentiate your site with great texture options. You also have access to design tools that are easy to add into your plans. Just stop by the technical portion of our website to download the Pole Base Specification that you can copy and paste into your plan set.

Additionally, you can download PDFs and CAD files for your project to drag and drop new tools to change up your standard details.

So, the next time you're designing a site-lighting project, give your local Pole Base manufacturer a call, and see what's available in your market!

Let's work together and change the world in concrete ways. Get a quote on your next project here.

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