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Wood Light Poles Paired with Ledgestone Natural Stone Look Provide Park Appeal

When the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District undertook building a new Welcome Center at Atwood Lake Park, they were aiming to do more than simply create a central office for the park. They were aiming to make a great first impression with the first project of a $120 million master plan. 

In the summer of 2015, Petoskey Public Schools broke ground on a brand new athletic stadium. With the current stadium miles away from campus and unable to accommodate the masses of "Fighting Northmen" fans, a new facility was desperately needed.
But the new stadium site was very large, requiring 40 new lights for multiple parking lots, sidewalks, and a roadway. Completing the installation on a tight deadline became the project's main challenge.


First impressions are always important. When the first impression is tied to the first construction project of a $120 million master plan, it's paramount.

When the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD)--a political subdivision of the state of Ohio--undertook building a new Welcome Center at Atwood Lake Park, they were aiming to do more than simply create a central office for the park. Tasked with providing flood reduction, water conservation and recreational opportunities in the Muskingum River Watershed which covers 8,000 square miles, the construction at Atwood Lake Park would be a template for similar projects at other parks.

"Atwood Welcome Center was kind of the kick off project to the master plan," said Eric Stechschulte, Deputy Chief of Planning and Projects for MWCD. "The new building itself has some pretty unique architecture, and we wanted to create a focal point when entering the park."

In order to create that overall impression, Stechschulte dug into the details, including the specifics of site lighting. When searching online for an alternative to the typical, poured-in-place light pole bases, he found Pole Base. Pole Base is an architecturally designed precast concrete foundation for outdoor site lighting with multiple faces, color options, and customizable finishes.

Andy Manthei, Business Development Representative for Pole Base, recalled the beautiful wood light poles that MWCD wanted to use, and he walked them through the Brick Ledge and Ledgestone options to complement their selection.

"They liked the idea of how fast and easy it would be to just put in the Ledgestone bases, so they wouldn't have to have a mason come out and attach stone to the Brick Ledge bases," said Manthei. Pole Base Ledgestone bases were specified for the job.


Enter Turner Concrete, a Pole Base manufacturer located in Northwood, Ohio that was just ramping up production of site lighting bases to complement their offerings of parking curbs, sign bases, Wilbert Vaults, and Redi-Rock retaining walls.

"That was one of our first jobs when we started with Pole Base," said Bryan Martin, operations manager with Turner Concrete. "I ended up staining the bases myself because I wanted to make sure they were done right."

Martin used a sprayer to stain the eight Ledgestone bases a custom walnut color, coordinating with the veneer and architectural details of the Atwood Lake Park Welcome Center. In addition to tending to every last production detail, Martin was onsite to answer any questions during the installation.

However, the electrician from Beck Electric didn't have any questions with the base installation. "Those bases were the easiest thing I've ever installed," Martin recalled him saying.


"The pictures say a thousand words," said Martin. "They match that natural environment really well."

The Welcome Center was completed in May 2016, and now MWCD is on to improving the campground at Atwood Lake Park. They've specified seven more Ledgestone bases to illuminate the campground, lighting the way for the continuation of their master plan work.

"The wood pole along with the Pole Base, it all kind of tied together to make it look like it should be in a park," said Stechschulte. "We like the look and we're continuing on with it."


Project Name: Atwood Lake Park Manufacturer: Turner Concrete Installer: Beck Electric Engineer: Environmental Design Group Project Location: Mineral City, OH Built: 2015 Case: 020 - Atwood Lake Park



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