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Concrete Pole Bases with Character Shine at King Louie Sports Complex Amphitheater

The owners of the King Louie Sports Complex wanted their new amphitheater lighting to match the character of the look they had established, and they couldn't have a concrete pole base poured on site due to elevation changes. 

In the summer of 2015, Petoskey Public Schools broke ground on a brand new athletic stadium. With the current stadium miles away from campus and unable to accommodate the masses of "Fighting Northmen" fans, a new facility was desperately needed.
But the new stadium site was very large, requiring 40 new lights for multiple parking lots, sidewalks, and a roadway. Completing the installation on a tight deadline became the project's main challenge.


The King Louie Sports Complex is a privately owned facility that hosts volleyball, soccer, football, and field hockey leagues. In creating a new amphitheater, the owners wanted a product that would look great, function well, and be a focal point of the complex. As with most construction projects, getting the lighting just right can really make or break the project's look.

Due to there being many grade changes on the project site, working with traditional cast-in-place solutions didn't seem possible.

"When it came to the light pole bases, a product that didn't need to be poured on site was a major benefit due to the elevation changes," said Eric J. Bartley, R.L.A., LEED AP, and Senior Project Manager at Land Design & Development, Inc.


Pole Base is a precast concrete foundation for outdoor site lighting. It's easy to install, comes in a variety of textures, and is customizable to meet the needs of any project.

The owner of King Louie Sports Complex, Matt Rumpke, chose Pole Base Ledgestone bases to complement the existing Ledgestone retaining walls used to build the amphitheater. Due to the fact that Pole Base bases arrive on-site ready to place, installers completed the project ahead of schedule, even though they were faced with inclement weather.

"Despite a number of challenges on this project, we were able to complete the seating at the original proposed area, as well as additional seating and the four pole bases, quickly and to our customer's satisfaction," explained Irvin Vittitow, President of Redi-Rock KIT.


"When it came to adapting to the existing ground surfaces, the installer did a superb job, and the final product around the outdoor field looks great," added Bartley. "Because this client had a particular vision, the project was ever evolving, but Irvin and his team did a wonderful job meeting the clients' expectations and still coordinating with me as needed to hit a moving target. The final product not only looks great, but also functions as designed."

With this portion of the project completed, plans are being put in place for additional phases of construction.

"We were pleased with the overall look of the project, especially the light pole bases, which are functional and very attractive. We're looking forward to completing the project," said Rumpke.


Project Name: King Louie Sports Complex Manufacturer: Pole Base/Redi-Rock KIT Installer: Pole Base/Redi-Rock KIT Project Locations: Louisville, KY Year Built: 2016 Case: 019 - King Louie Sports Complex



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