The Pole Base Technical Guide: A Resource that Generates Returns

You’ve wasted enough time scheduling the pouring of cast-in-place light pole bases and then waiting days for them to cure. We’ve got the products, people, and resources to help you keep your projects on track. Download the Pole Base Technical Guide to see how you can take back control of your cash and your calendar.

Get the Technical Guide

Download the Pole Base Technical Guide

Case Studies, Specifications, and Custom Solutions

You’ll find everything you need to know about Pole Base – and then some – in the robust, illustrated Tech Guide.

Case Studies

Pole Base precast light foundations have helped simplify and accelerate a variety of projects across the country.

Installation Processes

Six simple and straightforward steps and you’ve installed a light. And no idle time, waiting for pouring or curing.

Design Charts and Specifications

Design guidance, including an embedment guide, and specifications for each Pole Base shape and texture combination.

Custom Solutions

Sign foundations, natural gas fueling stations bases, even airport taxiway lighting. Pole Base is as versatile as it is easy to use.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Pole Base

The Power of People

Access a wealth of experience offered by Pole Base manufacturers and installers across the globe. Tackling a unique or particularly challenging project? Chances are the network can help.

Customized and Consistent

Pole Base’s forming system ensures each foundation is created to the exact project specifications, under completely controlled manufacturing conditions. Cast-in-place processes simply can’t compete.

Resources to Deliver Speed and Certainty

Pole Base products and accompanying best practices are geared to help you get from start to finish. Quickly. You’ll find plenty more resources to deliver great results faster than your customers thought possible.

Explore What You Can Do With Pole Base

Download the Technical Guide